Fire Safety

Protect your family and home with AFG Flameguard Fire Retardant Paints

  • HCA WL-W is a waterborne, environment-friendly fire resistant coating which protects wood and wood products against fire. It complies with the Dutch National Standards, the European Standard 13501-1 and foreign comparable standards. HCA WL-W is an intumescent coating that is specially developed for indoor wood applications.
  • HCA TR is a water borne, colourless coating for the fire protection of internal timber, wood and decoration products. The HCA TR must be protected against short-time humidity by using it in combination with HCA TR VARNISH transparent finish.
  • ¬†HCA¬†Sprays is an effective fire retardant solution, suitable to make natural as well as mixed fibres fire retardant. The fire retardant is an odour-and colourless, non-toxic solution that is free from halogens or other harmful substances.