• Capturing the perfect colour is crucial.  Our team of colour experts take pride in achieving the exact colour you are after.  In today’s world of decor we are spoiled with a variety of colours offered by so many different paint companies around the globe.  We may fall in love with a colour that is in a fan deck, however, not wanting to use that brand of paint.  We specialize in matching colours from all companies.  We also specialize in colour matching fabrics, faded colours, and custom washes.
    • There is something very special about developing a new colour, design, or look for a decorating project.  We specialize in developing custom stains, paints and finishes for interior and exterior applications.
    • Getting a good stain match is one of the most challenging and yet rewarding parts of our business.  Woods from different species of trees can have huge variations in how well they take stain.  Different wood species stain differently.  Our company has invested in a fully equipped laboratory equipped with the proper scales and tools allowing us to work with microfine dyes and special pigments so that we can achieve that perfect match.